CryoDerm 2 Soothing Pain Relief Roll On 3 Oz (EXP Date 21+)


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pain relieving roll-on is the one used across the USA by chiropractors,
massage therapists, physical therapists and sports teams to help
relieve muscle and joint pain. It goes on cool and then almost creates a
“mask” helping to block the pain. CryoDerm is great to apply on painful
areas before bed to help you sleep. The roll-on makes it easy to apply.
If you have a tension headache or migraine, apply Cryoderm on your neck
to help alleviate the pain. CryoDerm has become the favorite topical
analgesic amongst arthritis back pain sufferers because it works fast
and provides soothing relief. Whether you suffer from muscle sprains
& strains, bursitis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, back aches
or other joint pain, you should try CryoDerm pain relieving spray or
roll-on. Please understand that this is powerful, yet temporary relief
and will not cure your ailment. But, neither does pain medication.
CryoDerm pain relief spray or roll-on is a natural way to achieve relief
without taking harmful pain medication. There are several amazing
ingredients in CryoDerm that help provide the pain relief. The main
active ingredient is menthol, which is derived from peppermint oil.
Other ingredients include: Arnica, Boswella, Ilex and MSM. Arnica, which
is also known as leopard’s bane has a bright yellow flower that blooms
in the summer. For hundreds of years in Europe, homeopathic remedies
were made using Arnica. Native Americans also used Arnica for various
herbal remedies. The active compounds in Arnica, which are responsible
for its ability to reduce pain, muscle strain/soreness and associated
inflammation, are sesquiterpene lactones. Boswella refers to the resin
of various species of Boswellia shrubs and small trees which are found
in the Red Sea region and mountains of central India. It has been widely
used as an Indian herbal medicine treatment for arthritis and bursitis.
Nearly sixty percent of arthritis patients who were tested in a study
at the Government

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