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B 5500 – Sunset Formula- 10ml


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The sunset formula – B 5500 combines the stamina building capacities of B 15 500 mgm Calcium Pangamate with the oxygen carrying capacities of B 12 5000 mgm Cyanacobalamin to make one super conditioning aid. B-5500 has claimed victories all over the world, no wonder it is named after the greatest pit in North America.

Note: We formulated this product when we were fighting at Sunset and people constantly remarked on how much we got out of our rooster. We made a few extra bottles and gave them to friends and the legend gre-soon everyone wanted “The Sunset Formula”, we were happy to obligate.

Give ¼ cc twice a week during conditioning. May be given ¼ cc before excerise and ¼ cc after exercise. Give last injection the night before competition

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