Candelilla Wax Flakes Vegan FOOD GRADE 100% Pure Natural

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Candelilla Wax Flakes
100% Pure Natural
Food Grade Vegan Wax 
Origin: Mexico 
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  • 100% Pure Candelilla Wax (vegan wax) 
  • Vegan alternative for Beeswax
  • Great for Lip Balms, Creams and skin applications
  • 100 % Natural vegetable wax extracted from the candelilla plant
  • Use in lipsticks, lip balms, protective creams, balms, lotions.
Our Candelilla Wax is a pale yellow vegetable wax found on the leaves of the Candelilla shrub grown in semi-arid climates. Despite being a hard brittle wax (harder than Beeswax) Candelilla Wax is softer than Carnauba Wax.  Candelilla Wax has multiple uses in various industries including personal care, food, and industrial applications.

Candelilla Wax (Latin: Euphorbia Antisyphillitica), obtained from the plant of the same name, is a shrub growing wild in the Chihuahua desert, a semi-arid area of more than 100,000 square kilometers located between the two spines of the Sierra Madres in northeastern Mexico.

The common name of the Candelilla plant appears to have been derived from the particular shape of the plant stalks – long, straight, erect and wax-covered – giving the appearance of little candles. Wax is exuded in the form of grey-green scales on slender shoots or simple branched limbs of the reed-like plant offering protection from moisture loss.

Plant Guru is the world’s largest refiner of crude Candelilla Wax and produces a wax which conforms to the established USP/NF Monograph, the FCC (Food & Chemicals Codex) Grade. Our crude wax is sourced through established and reliable suppliers collected from sustainable sources.

Attractive and desired properties of Candelilla Wax include a moderate melting range, good gloss, durable film and a low coefficient of contraction. Candelilla Wax is valued in a variety of industries including cosmetics, pharmaceutical, confection and ink & coatings applications. Candelilla’s exceptional molding qualities capable of reproducing fine detail make it a superior precision casting wax. Properties, such as chemical stability, water repellency, high melting point, and good electrical resistance, make Candelilla useful in electronic and electrical products, liquid and paste polishes and waterproofing compounds.


Cosmetics, Polishes,Pharmaceuticals, Precisions Casting, Lubricants, Adhesives, Paper Coating and Sizing, Chewing Gum Base, Electric Insulators, Candle Compositions

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About Plant Guru 
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Plant Guru is a small family ran business with a passion for essentials. “Our business revolves round this passion” As essential oil users in our personal life, We were tired of the multi marketing companies. The prices for a small 15ml. bottle were getting is ridiculous. Everyone should be able to experience the healing power of essential oils.


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Candelilla Wax Flakes


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