BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS 4 WOMEN – Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory

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What is Bacterial Vaginosis?


Both “good” and “bad” bacteria live in
your vagina. If the delicate balance between them is upset, you can get an
infection called bacterial vaginosis, or BV for short. You may not have
symptoms, and you may not need treatment. Most of the time, BV doesn’t cause
any other health problems. But it can lead to other issues, especially when
you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant.




A type of bacteria called lactobacillus keeps your vagina
slightly acidic so bad types of bacteria don’t grow well. If your lactobacillus
levels drop, more bad bacteria move in, and you get BV.


Any woman can get BV, but some things raise your odds,




Sexual activity




You’d think that keeping your lady bits clean would stop BV,
but when you wash out your vagina by douching, you upset the natural balance of
bacteria. Scented soaps, bubble baths, and vaginal deodorants have a similar




Around half of all women with BV show no symptoms. But if
you do, you could notice a:


Thin white, gray, or green discharge


Burning feeling when you pee


Fishy smell that gets stronger after sex


It’s not the same as a yeast infection. Those often itch,
have a thick, white discharge, and don’t smell.


This product has been formulated for people who suffer from
Bacterial infection. It has been approved for treating all symptoms of this
sexually transmitted infection (STI)  .
It has antioxidant properties.  helps to
kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. Elevates
immune functions. It is an important infection  fighter. 100% Natural. No side effects.


This natural supplement contains antibacterial properties which are excellent for the treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis and reducing inflammation. No side effects. 100% Natural.  Made in USA.



Directions: ADULTS take 3 Capsules daily with water or food. One in the morning, One in the afternoon and the last one at night. If you can not swallow,  please, break it and sprinkle in the food or water.


Ingredients:  Goldenseal Root Extract 125 mg, Goldenseal Root 4:1 Extract 93 mg, Garlic 400 mg, Echinacea 300 mg, Gelatin, Cellulose (plant fiber) and Proprietary Blend.




100 Capsules – One months supply

To Treat and Prevent

EXP. DATE: 12/25


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