5 LB- Himalayan Gourmet Pink Salt by Himalayan Secrets (Coarse; Fine; Powder)

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5 LB- Himalayan Gourmet Pink Salt by Himalayan Secrets (Coarse; Fine; Powder) 1

Himalayan Pink Gourmet Salt 

COARSE (2-3mm), FINE (0.3-0.5mm), POWDER (0.1-0.3mm)
Sealed in a durable 5mil 5 LB Pouch
  • Our Himalayan Pink Salt is sourced from Khewra Salt Mine in Punjab, Pakistan
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What is Himalayan Pink Rock Salt?

Himalayan Rock Salt was formed over 250 million years ago, when extreme weathers and geological changes including massive earthquakes trapped oceans underneath the earth’s crust, and within a certain period of time, it crystallized and formed solid rocks of pure natural salt. This natural salt has been mined from the Punjab region in Pakistan ever since the discovery and fulfills the world’s major portion of natural salt needed for both edible and healing purposes.

How was it discovered?

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt was first discovered in South Asia by the armies of Alexander the Great (around 3 bc) while they were stationed around the mountainous region of the Himalayas, now called Northern Pakistan. When Alexander’s battle horses started to lick the rocks, it caught Alexander’s attention and he ordered the excavation by manual digging, only to find tons of ancient rock salt secretly embedded underneath.

Is it better than regular table salt?

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt has been unexposed to toxic pollution from the air and water, therefore it is considered as the purest salt on earth. The mining process still has not changed from the old traditional methods and there is absolutely no use of explosives during the process. This salt is 100% pure with no added chemicals or anti-caking agents like that of regular table salt. Table salt also contains artificial Iodine and other additives that may be described as harmful, but after switching to Himalayan Rock Salt for everyday use, it will serve a great purpose.

What are the benefits?

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt contains 84 rich nutritional minerals which include high quantities of calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, zirconium and iodine. The darker the salt, the more mineral content is found. The beautiful pink hues serve as an indication of high iron content. These elements are necessary to maintain a healthy living. Himalayan Pink Salt is now used for a variety of things, from cooking to holistic healing.


Himalayan Secrets has one of the only manufacturing plants in Pakistan that uses an extensive cleaning process such as computerized optical sorting machines and magnetic collectors. Precise weighing is also what differentiates us from other salt companies. Our methods are geared towards maximizing yield and recovery, while reducing waste. We are committed to increased productivity and throughput with high capacity sorting to provide consistent high quality rock salt.

All of our manufacturing equipment is made from 316L stainless steel which greatly reduces the risk of rust contamination in our salt. We have installed several magnetic traps in the process to help select and stop any metal particles embedded in the rock salt. Our optical sorting machines automatically sort particles using a computerized process. Different shades of color like grey can occur naturally in rock salt. The optical sorting machine sorts the pink salt from any other shade and rejects the rest. These state-of-the-art technologies set us apart from other salt processing in Pakistan and make our pink salt truly edible and food grade compliant.

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