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Super Vitamina B12 5500 Tornel 100ml Horse


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This is a formulation reinforced with liver extract, with properties that participate in cell reproduction and renewal. It is essential in the synthesis of proteids (pyridines, purines, etc.). This drug acts directly on red blood cell formation (hematopoiesis). It is effective against pernicious and nutritional macrocytic anemias. It stimulates the formation of microorganisms that are useful for the body. It has anabolizing factors that increase the appetite and favor growth. Due to its high concentration of vitamin B12 and the complex formulation that includes vitamin B15 (pangamic acid sodium salt), this drug delays tiredness and fatigue, fighting toxic muscular hypoxemia by producing better oxygenation. This product is indicated for preparing fighting roosters and race horses and dogs for the competition. Thanks to biotin, molting is accelerated in birds, and, in horses, it helps maintaining the health of coat, mane and hoof



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