Vitamina B12 3000 -100ml -CIANOCOBALAMINE 3000


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It acts directly in the creation of red blood cells (hematopoietic, antianemic factor). It has an efficient action against classic pernicious anemia and nourishing macrocytic anemia. It is highly involved in cellular reproduction and renovation due to the fact that it helps metabolize protides (pyridines synthesis and purines). It takes part in the growth of symbiotic microorganism (useful bacteria) which favors the animal’s development. It stimulates appetite. It acts directly over the skin, muscle and nerves (in the last ones, it is responsible for myelin maintenance). It also shows antihistaminic and antianafilactic properties, favoring well-being. It intervenes in and helps birds through the hatching process due to its transmelitant action (homocisteine for methionine). Use this product in fighting cocks or racehorses, especially lane racing horses. It is very useful to prepare animals for competition and it produces energy and acts in muscular oxygenation delaying premature fatigue.

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