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Omega 3 Fish Oil 10mg Per Serving 1 Softgels, Crown NutraScience NutraOmega


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Omega 3 Fish Oil 10mg Per Serving, 1 Softgels, Crown NutraScience – NutraOmega Burpless Triglyceride (TG) Form for Heart Health, Cognitive Function, Joint Support, and Eye Support

  • DOCTOR FORMULATED WITH PREMIUM INGREDIENTS – NutraOmega is formulated by doctors with the Triglyceride (TG) form of omega 3 fish oil for premium cardiovascular, joint, and brain support. The TruTG seal guarantees at least 90% of the omega 3 fish oil in every softgel are the Triglyceride form naturally found in foods and easily identified by your body. Research indicates that the natural TG form is up to 2X more bioavailable compared to the ethyl ester form.
  • POTENT, STABLE, AND PURE – Double strength! You get 600mg EPA and 400mg DHA per serving in the optimal 3:2 ratio. Natural antioxidants (mixed tocopherols) are added for enhanced stability and freshness. Our fish oil is molecularly distilled and filtered to ensure purity and to maximize the removal of heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, PCBs, and other contaminants for a premium, professional grade omega-3 fish oil supplement.
  • EASILY DIGESTED AND NO AFTERTASTE – Lipase, a digestive aid, is added to ensure maximum absorption for a burpless softgel with no fishy aftertaste. Our softgels have a natural lemon flavor and are perfect for men and women who need additional anti-inflammatory support.
  • NATURAL OMEGA SUPPLEMENT – Made from sustainable, wild-caught fish. Non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegetarian. Manufactured in the USA in an FDA-inspected, NSF-certified, cGMP facility. Third-Party tested to ensure purity and quality to the highest standards!


Crown NutraScience is dedicated to professional grade, doctor-formulated support for every lifestyle!
Did you know it’s hard to get all of our essential, daily nutrients even with a well balanced diet? Not to mention that we live in times where our food, air, water and even lifestyle choices can be cause for concern. Now you may be thinking, “I take my supplements so I don’t need to worry about this”. However, did you know that not all supplements are created equal?

Most retail store brands often offer the following:

  • Tablets contain binders that are hard to digest and lead to low nutrient absorption
  • Low doses of low-grade, less-effective ingredients are used to reduce manufacturing costs and prices to the consumer
  • Manufacturing facilities may not follow strict cGMP guidelines
  • Testing methodology, if any testing is even performed, varies and does not always adhere to strict purity standards
  • Formulations are often from an unknown, non-healthcare professional

Meanwhile, Crown NutraScience professional grade products offer the following:

  • Easily digestible capsules for optimal nutrient absorption
  • Therapeutic levels of high-quality, pure, and potent ingredients
  • Manufactured following strict cGMP guidelines
  • Routinely tested by third-party laboratories to validate purity and potency
  • Formulated by healthcare professionals using current, science-based information and data



  • NutraOmega Essential Fatty Acids uses the premium, triglyceride form of Omega-3 fish oils combined with Lipase for maximum absorption without the fishy aftertaste. We provide a double strength of 600mg EPA and 400mg DHA in the optimal 3:2 ratio. Don’t worry, our fish oil comes from sustainable, wild-caught fish and is molecularly distilled and filtered to ensure purity while maximizing the removal of heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, PCBs, and other contaminants for a premium, professional grade supplement!

Other Recommended Crown NutraScience Products:

  • NutraBiotic Advanced Probiotic Formula supports the health of your intestinal tract with a balanced mixture of 8 unique, complementary probiotic strains. The 5 billion CFU of clinically documentated strains have been scientifically shown to have a positive influence on the composition of intestinal microflora. Not to mention, the patented Bio-tract and probiosphere technologies provide up to 15X the effectiveness of standard capsules. Simply put, our 5 billion CFU is equivalent to 75 billion CFU in standard capsules!
  • NutraVitamin Broad-Spectrum Multivitamin uses the most advanced vitamins and minerals such as Quatrefolic, a reduced form of folic acid known as 5-MTHF Folate, and TRACCS true amino-acid chelate minerals. Our daily multivitamin is formulated for optimal absorption and tolerance of essential micronutrients!
  • Turmeric Curcumin Blend is standardized to 95% Curcuminoids and uses a patent-pending emulsification process for up to 4X the absorption of other leading brands. Skip the black pepper and stomach aches; our proprietary process uses professional grade, all-natural ingredients including vitamin E, medium chain triglycerides (MCT) and lecithin without the use of potentially harmful surfactants. This process allows us to provide 380mg of Curcuminoids in a single softgel!
  • Vitamin D3 Enhanced comes as Cholecalciferol which is the natural form of D3 that your body can easily identify and process more effeciently. We’ve combined our 5000iu of D3 with 50mcg of Vitamin K2 (as MK-7). We’ve added Vitamin K2 in order to help your body direct calcium to your bones and teeth instead of arteries and joints where it can be damaging.

DID YOU KNOW: Early research shows the potential of combining fish oil with probiotics to promote survival in the gut and/or dampening inflammatory responses. Combine our NutraBiotic with NutraOmega for enhanced effect and to optimize the number of friendly bacteria that reaches and adheres to your intestinal lining! Use Code CNUTRA10 for 10% off your purchase of ANY 2 Crown NutraScience products!

MANUFACTURE VS EXPIRATION DATE: In compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) regulations (*see below), Crown NutraScience includes a Manufactured Date rather than an Expiration Date. If properly stored, dietary supplements retain maximum potency for up to 2 years past the date of manufacture which is stamped on every bottle. *As of July, 10, dietary supplement products (products labeled with supplement facts as opposed to nutrition facts) have displayed a “Manufacture Date” rather than an “Expiration” or “Best By” date. This date represents the day on which the product was manufactured. In most cases, products are considered stable at full potency for two years from the manufacture date. Liquid supplements and probiotics are generally stable for one year past the manufacture date.



We are dedicated to offering professional grade dietary supplements and health support while sharing general knowledge so you can make health-conscious decisions to improve your overall quality of life.

We believe that a strong foundation is necessary in laying the groundwork for success in any aspect of life. Each star in our Crown NutraScience logo represents a fundamental value of what our company stands for:

Character – upholding a moral code of honesty, integrity and professionalism
Reliability – offering products with consistent quality, efficacy and purity
Optimism – inspiring positive change and mindset
Wisdom – promoting the importance of general health knowledge and continued education
Nutrition – encouraging healthy, balanced lifestyles fueled by wholesome food choices and proper supplementation
Crown NutraScience also values the importance of giving back which is why we have partnered with a charitable organization that is synergistic to our mission, the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation. Proceeds from every sale will be donated to this great organization in an effort to help spread health and nutrition knowledge focused around traditional diets.

Our motto is, “Supplement Your Potential”. A balanced diet and regular exercise will definitely lead to a healthier you. However, it’s difficult for even a balanced diet to provide all of the nutrients that your body needs to reach its maximum health potential. Take your health to the next level with professional-grade support and Supplement Your Potential!


Our raw materials arrive with a Certificate of Analysis in order to document raw material identity, potency, and purity. Once raw materials are received, they go through independent, third-party analytical testing to verify Certificate of Analysis claims for composition, purity, and potency. All of our finished products are further analyzed to confirm quantity of all dietary ingredients, ensuring consistency and accuracy of label claims.


Your body has a daily minimum need of micronutrients to stay healthy and maintain homeostasis. Crown NutraScience has done the research and we’ve formulated three products with vital nutrients that most people do not obtain through standard diets. Our Trifecta Stack provides the foundation to a healthy lifestyle by providing the micronutrients needed for your body to thrive! Combine our NutraBiotic, NutraOmega, and NutraVitamin to cover your daily needs and use code CNUTRA15 for 15% off ANY 3+ Crown NutraScience products!


  • Support Your Immune System
  • Promote Natural Energy Levels
  • Support Your Cardiovascular Health
  • Fight Inflammation and Chronic Pain
  • Boost Your Brain and Cognitive Function
  • Enhance Your Mood
  • Manage Your Weight

Manufactured in the USA. Our products are manufactured in Nevada and Montana facilities that are GMP verified through NSF to ensure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities. Adherence to the GMP regulations assures the composition, potency, quality, and purity of products at all phases of the manufacturing process of Crown NutraScience products.

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