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Daily MULTIVITAMIN For Women Whole Food For Hair Skin Nails 60CT NATURELO 2

Multivitamin for Women – Best for Hair – Skin – Nails – Natural Energy Support –
Whole Food Supplement – Non-GMO – No Soy – Gluten Free – 60 Capsules – 2 Month

Daily MULTIVITAMIN For Women Whole Food For Hair Skin Nails 60CT NATURELO 3

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Multivitamin for Women – Best for Hair, Skin, Nails – Natural Energy Support –
Whole Food Supplement – Non-GMO – No Soy – Gluten Free – 60 Capsules – 2 Month

Natural Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamin A – From 100% natural
beta-carotene, we never use the cheaper synthetics.

Vitamin C – Extracted from
real, Organic Acerola Cherries – NOT the synthetic ascorbic acid you find in
all other multivitamin brands.

Vitamin E – Extracted from
Organic Rice Bran, one of the richest natural sources of this vitamin

Vitamin K – Naturally-sourced
vitamin K2 MK-7, not the less effective vitamin K1.

Folate – We use Quatrefolic –
the active form of Folate, which can be absorbed by your body without
conversion, unlike Folic Acid which cannot be absorbed by people with the MHTFR
gene mutation.

Vitamin B12 – Only
naturally-sourced, active Methylcobalamin, never the less effective

Calcium – Our plant-based
Calcium is derived from Algae. Most calcium supplements use cheap Calcium
Carbonate derived from crushed rocks, which can lead to the formation of plaque
in your arteries and increase your risk of heart disease.

Iodine – Our Iodine is
extracted from real Organic Kelp. We never use chemically-synthesized

No additives – Unlike tablets
that typically contain binders, flavoring, and coloring, our capsules contain
only the active ingredients and no additives of any kind.

Supports digestion – Capsules
are made of vegetable cellulose, which is the main source of fiber in broccoli,
kale, and asparagus. The extra fiber helps your digestive health.

No damage to ingredients –
Vitamins in tablet form are sometimes damaged from the heat created during
tablet compression when the tablets are made. The ingredients in our capsules
are not compressed, have not been subjected to heat, and are in pristine

Faster absorption – Capsule
ingredients come in powder form, so they dissolve faster and get absorbed by
your body sooner.

Convenience – If you have
trouble swallowing, our capsules can be easily opened and you can sprinkle the
vitamin powder on your meal or drink. You can’t do the same with a tablet.

Product Features

·  Contains NATURAL Vitamins A, B Complex, C, D3,
E, K2 – Minerals – Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Selenium – Antioxidants from
ORGANIC Fruit and Vegetable Extracts

·   GMO Free  Soy Free – Gluten Free – No Gelatin – No
Preservatives, Coloring or Flavoring

·   Supports Immunity, Energy & Wellness –
Promotes Bone Health – High Quality – Made in the USA

·  Features B12 from Methylcobalamin – B6 from
P-5-P – MTHFR-friendly Folate (not Folic Acid) – Biotin – Vitamin C from organic Acerola Cherries – Vitamin E from Organic Rice Bran – Plant-based
Calcium from Algae – Iodine from Organic Kelp

·    Vegetarian Formula with Raw B-Complex Vitamins
Cultured in 


Take one (1) capsule daily
with a meal and a full glass of water.


Vitamin A (as natural
beta-carotene from D. salina with full spectrum carotenoids) 900 mcg RAE
(100%); Vitamin C (as natural; from Organic Acerola Cherries) 90 mg (100%);
Vitamin D3 (from Organic Lichen) mcg (100%); Vitamin E (natural; from
Organic Rice Bran) 15 mg (100%); Vitamin K2 (natural; as menaquinone-7; from B.
licheniformis) 1 mcg (100%); Thiamin (as natural benfotiamine) 1.2 mg (100%);
Riboflavin (natural) 1.3 mg (100%); Niacin (as natural niacinamide) 16 mg
(100%); Vitamin B6 [as natural pyridoxal 5′-phosphate (P-5-P)] 1.7 mg (100%);
Folate [as Quatrefolic® (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolate] 400 mcg DFE (100%);
Vitamin B12 (as natural methylcobalamin) 2.4 mcg (100%); Biotin (natural) 30
mcg (100%); Pantothenic Acid (natural) 5 mg (100%); Calcium (as Aquamin 50%)
and natural citrate 50%) 100 mg (8%); Iron 8 mg (50%); Phosphorus (natural) 60
mg (5%); Iodine (from Organic Kelp) 100 mcg (67%); Magnesium (as natural
citrate) 100 mg (24%); Zinc (as natural amino acid chelate) 10 mg (91%);
Selenium (as yeast-free L-selenomethionine) 50 mcg (91%); Copper (as natural
amino acid chelate) 0.5 mg (56%); Manganese (natural) 1.5 mg (65%); Chromium
(organically bound w/GTF activity) 30 mcg (86%); Molybdenum (natural Krebs
complex) 40 mcg (89%); Organic Fruit & Vegetable Blend 60 mg [Organic
Carrot (root) 10 mg; Organic Blueberry (fruit) 10 mg; Organic Kale (whole
plant) 10 mg; Organic Pomegranate (fruit) 10 mg; Organic Raspberry (fruit) 10
mg; Organic Spinach (whole plant) 10mg]

Safety Information

Do not exceed recommended

Pregnant or nursing mothers,
children under the age of 18, and individuals with a known medical condition
should consult a physician before using or any dietary supplements.

If you begin to experience any
side effects, consult your doctor and discontinue use. Your doctor will have
your extensive medical health history as well as knowledge of what other
substances you are consuming, which is important when taking a supplement.

Keep out of reach of children,
do not use if safety seal is damage or missing.

Store in a cool, dry place.


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