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Creek offers 2 Silver Alternatives

and 0PPM

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    Creek 0 PPM – Topical formula for immediate

    maximum silver to
    surface contact – (this ad)

  • Can
    be ingested internally – but optimized for external use.

  • The
    0 Parts Per Million figure indicates the maximum amount of pure
    silver that can be concentrated into pure water without dropping out
    of solution. 0 PPM is a conservative estimate. Actual content may
    range between 0 and 260 PPM

  • Colloidal
    Creek 50 PPM -Internal formula – maximum

  • concentration of
    digestable silver – (other ad)

  • Can
    be used externally – but optimized for internal use.

  • Colloidal
    Creek 50 ppm is formulated to contain the highest concentration of
    digestible nano silver, that can be delivered to your body

Creek Silver – Product information

silver was popularized by doctors, early in the th
century to control bacteria as a broad spectrum

antibiotic. The
option is still preferred by many victims of infection. They insist
that colloidal silver controls a broad

range of pathogens. They like
how it “can be taken internally without serious side effects,
having minimal impact on

digestion.” Colloidal Creek silver
products are free of proteins or impurities. They can be swallowed or

delivered directly to an external infection about as
safely as water. Swallowing a tablespoon a day is generally safe

many months at a time. A quick spray to the ears, down the throat or
through the sinuses couldn’t be more user

friendly. Even children
seem to get along with a nebulizer mist. It doesn’t feel or taste
like medicine. “Its magic water

from colloidal creek.”

Creek Customary Applications


Colloidal Creek Silver 50 taken internally)

Colloidal Creek Silver 0 inhaled with a nebulizer)

infections are thought to be eradicated by the immune system (usually
within a couple of weeks.) Lung tissues

damaged by a virus can
quickly become infected with bacteria. These secondary bacterial
infections can develop

into pneumonia and potentially do the most
damage. They can drag on for many weeks and even become life

threatening. Advocates of Colloidal Silver who contract a respiratory
virus, like to swallow about a tablespoon of

Colloidal Creek 50PPM
per day, hoping to inhibit bacterial infection internally. If
symptoms of coughing or

congestion appear, they may administer
Colloidal Creek 0 directly to the lungs with a nebulizer.

Pandemic Face Masks

( Use
Colloidal Creek Silver 0 for immediate maximum silver to surface

Russian scientists claim to
have developed a face mask that uses nano silver to stop viruses and
other pathogens.

They claim that its 10,000 times as effective at
stopping influenza and remains effective 5 times as long. It also

protection against bacteria including staphylococcus and E.
coli. They are anticipating that the mask should be

effective against
the recent corona virus from china. The invention is a conventional
mask with an inner microfiber

layer that contains colloidal silver.
The basic concept is a microfiber that stops large particles,
inundated with silver to

kill pathogens. In a pandemic, shortage of
masks is likely to occur. A bandanna sprayed with Colloidal Creek 0

silver could offer meaningful protection. The right micro fiber
sprayed with silver is likely to be even more effective.

that regular masks need to be changed every couple of hours.
Makeshift masks sprayed with colloidal

silver could be an act of
desperation that saves a lot of lives. Colloidal Creek Nano 0
silver is an optimal choice. Its

formulated with the maximum amount
of pure silver that can be concentrated into water without dropping
out of

solution. When sprayed and left to dry, it offers immediate
maximum silver to surface, pathogen contact.


Colloidal Creek silver 0 sprayed in all the right places

silver advocates have customarily applied silver to a variety of
surfaces. The intention is to prevent

pathogens from being
transferred by contact. Many precautions during a pandemic express
concern with transfer of

pathogens from surface to hands then face,
eyes nose and mouth. At times of heightened concern, Colloidal creek

silver 0 can be safely sprayed on hands, face or most any surface,
without visible or reactive consequences.

Many sources advocate
silver protection from viral infections. Viruses are harder to kill.
It would seem that chances

are better, of eradicating a virus prior
to becoming infected by it. If it cant be sprayed with chlorine
bleach, Colloidal

Creek Silver may offer the safest protection for
face, clothing, eating utensils etc.

Body Infections

Use Colloidal Creek Silver 0 for immediate maximum silver to
surface contact)

silver has probably been praised a million times for helping with a
variety of external body infections. Could

it be that a placebo
effect has driven the topical application of silver for the past 100
years. We can say this much

with confidence. For a lot less time and
money than it takes to see a doctor, or while you are waiting for an

appointment, you can spray Colloidal Creek Silver 0 and be happy if
the problem goes away. While other

potential remedies may aggravate
the problem – Colloidal Creek generally poses no more threat than
plain water.

Drop it in your eyes, spray it in your ears, nose or
down your throat – spray it on an injury or infection – on a rash

in those private places without any concern. For those who are
managing a chronic problem (especially for more

than a year) –
consider seeing a doctor – even if you think Colloidal Creek has it
under control.

body infections

Colloidal Creek Silver 50 while symptoms persist

enthusiasts offer extensive hope that infection related illnesses
will respond to colloidal silver. They insist that

it kills a broad
spectrum of pathogens. The medical establishment prefers a targeted
approach with FDA approval.

The upside of silver is the simplicity.
For most problems we can try the simple solution first. Colloidal
Creek silver 50

is easily accessible, inexpensive, noninvasive and
free of significant side effects. It tastes like a shot of mineral

water once a day. Within 45 seconds you can pour some in a tablespoon
to see if it helps. Even a frequent

accidental double dose would be
of no consequence. Discontinue use when no longer needed. Otherwise,

exceed 6 quarts a year. Those concerned about probiotics can
supplement with raw unfiltered vinegar.


Colloidal Creek Silver 0)

Colloidal Creek 0PPM formula has been used extensively for over 10
years, to feminize certain popular

weeds. NOTICE – this only works
on plants. Results may depend on application techniques and can not

guaranteed by Colloidal Creek,StudioSDownTown or eBay.


of colloidal silver have made bold claims for over 100 years.
Recently, the government of Sierra Leone

of West Africa declared
colloidal silver as an official cure for Ebola. These and similar
claims (particularly regarding

viral infections) have not been
evaluated or endorsed by the FDA. Officially, Colloidal Creek silver
does not intend to

diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. 
Customary health practices described in this offer, are strictly a

consensus of unofficial alternative medicine.

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200 ppm silver concentrate



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Colloidal Silver


Colloidal Creek


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