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For sale is a factory sealed bottle of Andrew Lessmans Night Time 360 Capsules with expiration date of 12/30/21. Buy it now and receive fast & free shipping to all 50 U.S. States only.

Andrew Lessman Night Time
Andrew Lessman’s Night Time is a gentle balanced blend of natural ingredients designed to help promote a restful night’s sleep without a morning-after “hangover”.

The pace and stress of modern life, along with the normal aging process seems to conspire to prevent a restful night’s sleep. As a result, we often find ourselves fatigued throughout the day, since sleep is our body’s means of recovering from the demands of daily life. Night Time is not intended to be a “sleeping pill” to “knock you out”, but is designed to provide the natural tools to help you fall asleep naturally thereby achieving a restful night’s sleep.

Night Time begins with our body’s primary sleep scheduling substance – melatonin – at levels intended to gently encourage sleep without dependency or hangover. We then add 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) from Griffonia Simplicifolia Seed because of its role in serotonin synthesis, which helps to enhance sleep quality while also helping to support positive mood. We then include four of Mother Nature’s most powerful soothing, relaxing plants: valerian root, hops, passionflower and chamomile. All of these plants have been used traditionally for centuries to encourage relaxation and a restful night’s sleep. Each of these botanicals is included as an exceptional quality standardized extract to ensure the delivery of their most important sleep and relaxation supporting components.

A good night’s sleep is essential to a happy, healthy life and Andrew’s Night Time provides the comprehensive support necessary to safely and naturally help you achieve the restful night’s sleep required to wake up energized and refreshed the next day.

What You Get

  • 360 Night Time easy-to-swallow capsules

Made in USA


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Supplement Facts                                                                                                                                              Serving Size 1
Amount Per Serving                                                                                                                                %DV*
Calcium (as calcium carbonate) 70 mg 7%
Magnesium (as magnesium oxide) 30 mg 7%
Melatonin 1.5 mg
5-HTP (from Griffonia simplicifolia (seed) extract) 10 mg
Valerian, extract (root) 150 mg
standardized to 0.8% valerenic acids
Hops, extract (flower) 50 mg
standardized to 5% alpha bitter acids
Passionflower, extract (flower) 50 mg
standardized to 3.5% vitexin
Chamomile, extract (flower) 50 mg
standardized to 1% apigenin glycosides
* Percent Daily Value (%DV) based on a 2,000 calorie diet. † DV not established

Other Ingredients: Gelatin capsule.








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