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HIGH BIOAVAILABLE VITAMIN C WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS* – Vitamin C being a potnet nutrient provides host of health benefits. But full potential of Powder Vitamin C is hampered because it is water soluble and gets destroyed in stomach acid which could cause stomach upset. Encapsulated with liposomes, it becomes Fat Soluble Vitamin C and is protected from being destroyed in the stomach. Our high dose Vitamin C has high absorption rate & bioavailability > 90% without any side effects or stomach upset.
SUPPORTS COLLAGEN SYNTHESIS AND SKIN & EYE HEALTH* – Our Natural Vitamin C supports synthesis of collagen which is an important structural component of skin, blood vessels, tendons, ligaments, and bones. It helps maintain the elasticity of skin and improve skin quality. It facilitates the growth of the connective tissues, which speeds up the process of healing burns, cuts, wounds, and broken bones. It is also vital for the health of the eyes and helps prevent vision problems.
AIDS-IN IMMUNE SYSTEM & HEART HEALTH* – This Non Synthetic Vitamin C supports immune system and strengthens body to remain healthy. It facilitates the absorption of iron thereby enhancing endurance against sickness and infection. Vitamin C supplement intake also helps improving blood vessel dilation and blood flow; protects blood vessel from free radical damages; strengthens Heart function; and acts as a preventative agent against cardiac problems.
SUPER NUTRIENT SUPPORTS OVERALL HEALTH OF ALL ADULTS* – Our High Absorption Vitamin C made up of ascorbic acid vitamin c powder and proprietary liposomal formula being a potent antioxidant supplement, it protects cells from harmful effects of free radicals; neutralizes cancerous cells; boosts Immune System; strengthens Eye, Heart, Lung, Joint, Muscle & Artery functions; improves blood sugar stability; aids in neurotransmitter production which improves mood, vitality and the Brain functions.
THE BEST VITAMIN C WITH HIGH POTENCY & QUALITY* – Simply Potent Lipo Vitamin C is also a Vegan & Vegetarian Vitamin C. It is Third Party Tested, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Preservative Free, Dairy Free, All Natural, and Non-GMO Vitamin C. This high quality Vitamin C pill, produced in the USA in an FDA approved & GMP certified facility offers the best value based on its high potency (600 mg/ capsule), superior bioavailability, high quality, supply per bottle (180 capsules) and the price.
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